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I Imagine Africa is as much about Volunteering as it is about you having the adventure of a lifetime as you travel through Malawi. Below are some of the highlights you will experience along the journey.


Climb Zomba plateau


Live on the beach


Embrace the wildlife


Take in the scene

Nkhata Bay

Bathe in the sun


Rule the safari


Feel the warm heart


Take a trip back in time


A journey of discovery

Our Story

Learn more about us!

Malawi is a beautiful country known for its stunning lake and amazing people. It also happens to be one of the poorest countries in the world which is why there are so many amazing organisations fighting to reverse this reality.

I Imagine Africa has made it our mission to identify the most innovative and inspired grass root organisations all over Malawi to highlight and amplify the incredible work that they are doing in the communities they serve.

About Us

Learn about our story.

  • We have created the I Imagine Africa platform to achieve three things.

    1. To avail a wide range of volunteer opportunities and Teaching or Learning internships; while creating unforgettable volunteer adventures throughout Malawi.
    2. Shine the spotlight on some amazing organisations operating in Malawi whose work is rooted in smaller communities that are sometimes forgotten.
    3. To bring good people together and have fun while making life a little better for others.

  • Every year we Identify 5 community champions all over Malawi who have proven to be Bold Innovative Givers. These organisations cover several sectors including Education, Health, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Animal welfare, Environment and Conservation.

    Once we have our BIG 5, we open up our application process to Volunteers who are seeking life changing adventures. You build your own Vol-venture by choosing organizations to work with during your stay in the warm heart of Africa.

    I-Imagine Africa does the rest! We provide a guide, facilitate transport, accommodation, meals and of course every Vol-venture ends with a Lake retreat treat..

  • You! We are looking for individuals who are 18 years or older who want to leave a little love in the warm heart of Africa.

    We also work with professionals and school groups all through the year. Please contact us directly to find out how to build a tailored package.

    Our aim is it have an enriching experience that enhances volunteer skills while reinforcing the great work our BIG 5 are doing.

  • Our aim is to have runs during the international summer break (June- September) for Vol-venture packages. We also arrange teaching, nursing and OT placements; as well as High School Vol-venture packages all year round.

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Our Amazing Teams

Discover the Vol-venture team behind the magic!

Vol-Venture Specialists

We have a team of great Vol-venture specialists whose entire job is making sure both the organizations and the Vol-venturers have tailored packages that ensure everyone has a fun, fruitful experience. You can also contact them 24/7 from application process to beyond!!

Vol-Venture Guides

Every Vol-venture group has a guide that stays with them from landing to the teary take off. Our guides are amazing high energy, guys and girls. They know all the epic spots and will be there at every step of your adventure to make sure you have exactly what you need.

Org Reps

At every organization you will have an Org Rep to be a part of your volunteer journey. They will not only keep you busy, they will also give you the training you need to be able to do a great job at your placements. They are professionally trained to assist you and they can’t wait to meet you!

Join our team!

Become a Volunteer International Coordinator. Positions available in Canada, USA and the UK.
This is an exciting role for someone who loves to connect people and coordinate.
You would have the opportunity to work with a dynamic international team where you are encouraged and supported to innovate and create your own Global adventure.

Email us for more details.


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What is #Vol-Venture?

A volunteer adventure is a unique opportunity built by you the imaginer and supported by us. It’s an amazing way to explore this beautiful country while working with truly amazing community champions. The Big Innovative Givers - Our BIG5 are just as excited to meet you as they are to put you to work! There is so much work to be done here and Malawi needs people like you to keep change happening.

The Vol-ventures are built around the areas of Education, Health, Care, Agriculture, Human rights, Environment and Animal welfare. All you have to do is apply tell us about yourself and imagine the adventure you want to have as you leave a little love in Malawi. You’ll meet with other Vol-venturers from all over the world and travel together with the same mission in mind, doing what you can with what you have to make this part of the world a little better for the vulnerable.

For each Vol-venture you will have a dedicated guide with you 24/7, a driver, accommodation, 3 square meals, induction, training, a tailored volunteer experience and of course adventures that you can’t yet imagine! See more of the Malawi you’ll experience...

Why pay to volunteer?

By signing up for a Vol-venture you will achieve 4 things:
  1. You get to work directly with communities that are actively seeking volunteer assistance
  2. You will share your skills and knowledge just as much as you will learn from these communities. Vol-ventures are cultural exchanges that benefit everyone fantastically.
  3. You get to help more than one organisation to strengthen its programmes reach. Both in the community they serve and beyond by helping them to share their stories through you.
  4. What you spend on your Vol-venture is channeled right back into these communities. 50% Pays for your food, accommodation, insurance and travel within Malawi. 25% is donated to all the BIG 5 Organisations we are working with and the other 25% is used to organise and pay for the services provided that make your Vol-venture possible.
Sometimes it can be cheaper to do a DIY trip and arrange all your logistics yourself. However, it’s been our own personal experience as volunteers in Malawi that something like us was needed. We found it very challenging, quasi secure and time consuming to find worthwhile reputable volunteer opportunities in a country we didn’t yet know. Let our ups and downs guide your once in life time experience!

Your safety, comfort and happiness is what we are here to facilitate. When you Vol-venture with us we can assure you that you’ll have our support 24/7 in secure friendly environments where you will work with local professionals who can share clear expectations with you to ensure that your volunteer journey will add value to Malawi. I Imagine Africa was born to help others view this country differently. We want sustainable change and that begins with us experiencing and sharing more positivity starting right here with the impact you can have together with us.

We also provide travel and visa support as well as extra assistance before, during and after your Vol-venture. Additionally, once you have been accepted as a Vol-venturer, you will gain access to our app which will help you to keep track of your one of a kind Vol-venture in the warm heart of Africa.

The package/cost?

Each Vol-venture must be a minimum of two weeks. Each day with us costs you just £65. The minimum and optimum duration package will cost you £780 for everything below.

The price of each Vol-venture includes:
  • Every volunteer placement and adventure will come with a roof over your head. We’ll organise and provide all your accommodation
  • Fuel for Fun. We’ll provide all your meals during your stay
  • Airport pick up and drop off- complete with goody bag!
  • Transportation to all work related and Vol-venture social excursions
  • Vol-venture orientation as well as induction and training at every individual placement
  • A dedicated Vol-venture Guide who will be with you 24 /7 as you travel around Malawi. HQ is also available 24/7 for further assistance where required.
  • Vol-venture personalised App to keep track of your journey and memories
  • Pre and Post departure support from your dedicated Vol-venture specialist- via email/ phone
  • Visa/ Travel/ Medical Insurance support (if applicable)
  • Package Boosting- we can also help you to arrange fancy extras to make your adventure even more sparkly or hardcore!
  • A safety assurance as we only work with reputable organisations and establishments to facilitate your Vol-venture
The price of each Vol-venture does not include:
  • Visa/ Travel/ Medical Insurance costs
  • Airfare costs (arrival and departure airport must be at (LILONGWE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, MALAWI)
  • We are happy to assist you with all the above!

Next steps?

    Step 1
  • Research! They don’t call it the warm heart of Africa for nothing! Explore our BIG 5 and Destinations

    We have a flat rate Fee £65 per day #Vol-Venture and each Vol-venture must be a minimum of 12 days for maximum impact! Contact us with as many questions as you like! Our Vol-venture specialists are here for you.

  • Step 2

    Fill in the form which includes information for us to get to know you. No deposit to pay until you’ve been accepted as a Vol-venturer!

    Application period is open between January 1st and April 1st! We have limited availability so please do apply early.

  • Step 3
  • You get access to our Vol-venture App which allows you to keep track of all your Vol-venture logistics and memories.

    You will receive suggested flight and insurance recommendations as well as visa information.

    Pay the rest of your Vol-venture fee at least 4 weeks before you travel.

  • Step 4
  • Takulandirani, Welcome!

    Arrive in Malawi where your Vol-venture Guide will pick you up and get you settled.

    Live what you’ve imagined and more! Have the Vol-venture of a lifetime! Work hard, play hard and make forever friends.

  • Step 5
  • When you get back home, remember you are always welcome and please inspire others to volunteer too.

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